Perfect Princess Portrait

Over the years I've received a ton of gifts from listeners and KFI fans. 

They range from weird, to sweet, to just plain scary (thankfully, there haven't been many of those!) 

But all remind me of the incredible reach of the radio station, which makes me really thankful for this job that I've had the honor of having for the last 24 years. 

A few months back a listener named Andrew contacted me to ask for some photos of Princess because he and his wife were launching a website for their business, she is a painter and does pet portraits.

I sent a few of my favorite pics of her for them to choose from and gave them a little more info about her personality. 

Well, last week, they delivered to me a beautiful portrait of Princess!

Here's the photo I sent them for the painting.

I swear, I didn't believe at first that it was a painting!  It looks like a photograph!  It's really amazing! The painting is encased in acrylic and there's a beautiful easel so I can set it up right on my desk or on my mantel at home.

They have featured Princess on their web site and I'm really honored!  

If you're looking for a lovely gift for a friend that loves their pets, check them out at

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