Survey Says Millennials Are The Worst Tippers


A recent survey conducted by found that millennials are terrible tippers. Ten percent of millennials, who are between 18 and 37 years old, said they never leave a tip when they dine out, compared to just three percent of people who are older who admitted they do not tip. Even those millennials who do leave a gratuity are leaving less money than their elders. The average millennial tips about 15%, compared to the average of 18% of the total bill. 51% of adults over the age of 38 said they leave at least 20% when they go to a restaurant. 

Instead of tipping, 27% of millennials, and 30% of those aged 18-27, would prefer to pay more for their meal than be expected to leave extra money for their server. 

"Tipping can be tricky and awkward because there’s really no right or wrong answer," said senior industry analyst Matt Schulz. "However, the truth is that many workers rely on tips to generate a large portion of their income. To them, it’s not just about etiquette. It’s about being able to provide for their families and put food on their own tables."

The lack of tipping does not just apply to restaurants. 18% of millennials said that they decline to leave any gratuity even when they are presented with tipping options when paying for a taxi using an app like Lyft. 14% said they always choose the lowest option when presented with a choice of how much they should leave. Only 12% of people in other generations said they refuse to tip cab drivers or when they eat at a food truck or grab a coffee.

Photo: Getty Images

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