President Trump Challenges Democrats to an Immigration Fix

The debate continues over the separation of children from their parents as they attempt to immigrate illegally and President Trump is battling the outrage with some propositions for the members of Congress. 

Trump says he is only following rules that were placed there before him in regards to immigration policies and is now challenging Democrats to help find a fix for the country's immigration system.   

President Trump spoke at the White House Monday, saying that the current battle is whether the U.S. should have borders or not. Trump called America's immigration laws the "worst in the entire world" and is looking to Congress to agree on a way to update these laws.   

“Just remember — a country without borders is not a country at all. We need borders, we need security, we need safety,” Mr. Trump said.

Trump says he does not want the U.S. to become a 'migrant camp' but notes that it is becoming tougher to deport people because of parts of immigration laws that are more lenient on children and families and those seeking asylum. 

Homeland Security says parents who break the law and jump the border with their kids will be separated while they sit in jail but if they show up at legal points of entry to claim asylum, they will not be separated. 

Photo: Getty Images

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