Model S Bursts into Flames 'out of the blue' on Busy L.A. Road

Traffic in West Hollywood is already bad enough but some rich guy's Tesla catching fire is bound to make it worse.  

The fire broke out Friday afternoon by what local authorities say could have been a faulty battery. Actress Mary McCormack tweeted cellphone video of the fire, saying, "Tesla this is what happened to my husband and his car today …. no accident, out of the blue, in traffic…."

In a statement Tesla said, "Our initial investigation shows that the cabin of the vehicle was totally unaffected by the fire due to our battery architecture, which is designed to protect the cabin in the very rare event that a battery fire occurs."

This is not the first time Teslas have caught fire, one collided with an object in the road in Washington in 2013 and burst into flames, another incident claimed the lives of two teens after a crash in Florida when their Tesla battery burst. 

Maybe get a Honda next time?

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