AT&T Purchase Of Time Warner Won't Bring Dodgers Games to TV

Dodgers fans shouldn't get their hopes up if they think AT&T's multi-billion-dollar purchase of Time Warner will finally bring the team's games to DirecTV.  AT&T owns the El Segundo-based satellite service.

The "L.A. Times" quotes two people familiar with the situation as saying AT&T is not expected to pick up SportsNet L.A. after it bought Time Warner.  Dodgers games air over SportsNet L.A., which is co-owned by the team and Charter Communications.  

DirecTV has refused to negotiate a deal to add SportsNet L.A. due to the high cost of the channel. 

Charter's inability to increase wider distribution of the regional sports network has long angered Dodgers fans who haven't been able to watch the team's games on television for several years.  

Many fans are still unhappy that they were unable to enjoy Vin Scully's final regular season broadcasts in 2016 due to the stalemate.

Photo: Getty Images

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