Jeff Goldblum Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

HOLLYWOOD (CNS) - Jeff Goldblum, who has appeared in some of the highest-grossing films in history and co-stars in the upcoming ``Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,'' received a star today on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ed Begley Jr., who appeared with Goldblum in the 1985 horror comedy ``Transylvania 6-5000,'' and Norm Eisen, a former U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic who was an inspiration for the character Goldblum played in the 2014 comedy ``The Grand Budapest Hotel,'' joined Goldblum speaking at the ceremony front of the Hologram USA Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. The star is the 2,638th on the famed walk.

``That's always been my lucky number,'' Goldblum joked to the crowd.

He thanked all the actors, directors and even crew members he has worked with throughout his career, and said he has devoted his life to acting but is always reminded not to develop too big of an ego.

``I was in the airport the other day and a woman was looking at me ... and she walked up to me sort of in a trance, and said, `Can I ask you a question?' ... And she said, `Are you Howie Mandel?' That's true. A bitter pill, but a very good lesson, you can't get too full of yourself.''

The ceremony came eight days before the release of ``Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,'' in which Goldblum portrays mathematician Ian Malcolm for the third time in the franchise. He also played the character in the initial 1993 film ``Jurassic Park'' and the second installment, ``The Lost World: Jurassic Park,'' which was released in 1997.

Goldblum also appeared in ``Independence Day,'' which was briefly the second-highest-grossing film worldwide of all time behind ``Jurassic Park,'' and its 2016 sequel, ``Independence Day: Resurgence.''

Goldblum's other credits include the 1978 Oscar winner for best picture ``Annie Hall,'' appearing briefly in a party scene as a man who forgot his mantra, and two other best picture nominees, ``Nashville,'' playing the silent Tricycle Man, who rides a long, low-slung three-wheel motorcycle and serves as a structural connector for scenes in the film; and ``The Big Chill,'' as Michael Gold, a journalist for People, part of a group of college friends reunited by a friend's suicide.

Goldblum also starred in the 1986 remake of the science fiction film, ``The Fly.''

Goldblum received an Emmy nomination in 2005 for outstanding guest actor in a comedy series for ``Will & Grace.'' He was a cast member on the eighth and ninth seasons of ``Law & Order: Criminal Intent.'' Goldblum also appeared on episodes of ``Friends,'' ``Glee'' and ``Portlandia'' and twice hosted ``Saturday Night Live.''

Photo: Getty Images

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