Coyote Problem Worsening In Whittier

A coyote problem in Whittier is getting worse according to residents who live there. 

Roughly a dozen baby coyotes have been born over the last few weeks near the Friendly Hills neighborhood. Residents there say the baby coyotes are sick with mange, a contagious skin condition that can kill a coyote if left untreated. 

"They have that look of either 'help me,' or 'get out of my way,' or 'I want something' and it's quite disturbing because we can't take walks. I'm afraid they're going to get my dog," one neighborhood resident said. 

Wildlife experts say mange can make animals unpredictable and the city has put up signs to help make residents more aware of the problem. Coyotes are getting sick, experts say, because they're eating rats that had been poisoned by local businesses and people who live nearby. 

Photo: Getty Images

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