If a Heist Movie Starred Animals

If you haven't been on the internet as of late, you may have missed the viral star of the morning known as mprraccoon.

This little raccoon climbed (literally) to fame for climbing a Minnesota skyscraper...

Obviously, he's got some major super-secret agent vibes going...though what useful world saving thing was in that building the world may never know.


If the super spy raccoon wasn't hilarious enough we also found another animal maybe-criminal mastermind all the way in Florida.

This hungry squirrel snuck into a Magic Kingdom store and grabbed himself a snack...probably to fuel himself to plan his next major heist!

Makes you wonder who will be next added to their crew...you know the ringmaster is the OG animal thief; pizza rat from New York. 

My bet is maybe a wayward pigeon or parrot from Virginia who will be caught stealing a bag of Doritos....

I clearly watch too many heist movies...and am probably hungry.

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