Josh Newman is really feeling personally attacked right now

It looks like Newman is taking this recall pretty personal. 

Democratic Sen. Josh Newman called out his Republican colleagues Monday for what he says was an abuse of the recall process after voters removed him from office. The Fullerton lawmaker stood on the Senate floor, moaning about how the Republican senators stood by silently while he was targeted.

"Getting someone recalled, getting someone thrown out of their job, getting someone like me who only wanted to serve, expelled — it's pretty personal," he said.

Voters supported the recall 59 percent to 41 percent in the primary election. 

California Republican Party spokesman Matt Fleming said, "The recall process, it's not pretty, so I don't blame him for being upset, But the idea that it's an abuse of the process is absurd. Abuse of the process would be Democrats using the budget to try to rig the process in their favor."

Newman thinks lawmakers could have done a better job explaining the gas tax to the voters and should have ensured that the tax burden doesn't fall disproportionately on the working poor.

Ling Ling Chang, a former Assemblywoman from Diamond Bar, will be taking his place in office soon and we can't really say we will miss you Newman. 

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