Dennis Rodman on Kim Jong Un: 'he don't want war between America'

In a New York Post interview, Kim Jong Un's BFF Dennis Rodman talked about his thoughts on the summit between Trump and Kim. Rodman was present in Singapore Tuesday as the two leaders met for the first time and ultimately settled on a denuclearization agreement. 

"I keep telling people Kim Jong Un don’t want war, he don’t want war between America. He just wants some type of positive feedback from Americans.."

Rodman mentioned how he wants America to be 'more involved with sports in North Korea' and that was his goal with Kim Jong Un from the beginning. He professed his love for the country and its' people and believes that Trump and Kim can create a beautiful friendship. 

This comes after Rodman openly wept over the summit on live TV in an interview with CNN while wearing sunglasses and a "Make America Great Again" hat. 

"So this turned out to be something more significant than sports, but I want to keep it that way in my position. I don’t want to be involved in the politics of this agreement, that’s between two governments, the Korean government and the American government."

Thank goodness Dennis Rodman is here for America in our fight for world peace. 

Photo: Getty Images

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