California Group Teaching Teachers How To Shoot

A San Diego gun owners group offered to equip teachers and other school employees with some knowledge about guns and how to fire them on Sunday.

The San Diego County Gun Owners organization held the workshop at Discount Gun Mart saying they would avoid talking about politics and instead focus on facts about guns. 

Teacher Marjorie Archibald told NBC San Diego that she came to the controversial workshop because she feels the need to protect herself and others on campus. 

“I want to understand what the guns can do, how they work and what can I do to protect on campus," said Archibald. 

Around a dozen teachers packed the Discount Gun Mart came to the workshop where they spent three hours learning how to identify different types of guns and how they work. They were there to learn, many said, after recent school shootings in places like Parkland, Florida and Santa Fe, Texas. 

The tragedies led to President Trump suggesting that teachers should armed and trained in the classroom. 

But some don't think arming teachers to take on school shooters is an idea solution. The president of the San Diego Unified School District, Kevin Beiser, says it's just nuts to think giving teachers weapons is the solution, pointing to several recent incidents in  California and Utah in which teacher's guns accidentally went off. 

“It's just a matter of time before kids are killed accidentally because teachers have guns in the classroom,” said Beiser. 

Controversial or not, the San Diego Gun Owners organization says they're thinking about hosting the workshop every year. 

Photo: Getty Images

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