Woman Catches Foul Ball In Beer, Drinks Beer

It's common knowledge that one of greatest American fears is being slugged in the face by a foul ball.

Broken teeth, smashed noses...the list of potential horrors goes on.

But meet Gabby DiMarco - a woman who clearly does not share this fear of baseball's lethal weapon:

One might not know exactly what the Padres fan was smiling about, considering they would inevitably lose to the Atlanta Braves 14-1.

The answer lay with the Braves' Ender Inciarte, who hit a pop foul ball out of the field and wouldn't you know it...right into DiMarco's beer cup!

Clearly she was drowning her sorrows in the amber elixir, but her beer served as a lovely landing cushion for the ball.

But she wasn't done yet.  As she rose to show fans her new trophy on the big screen, she decided then and there to go full savage and chug the brew bottom's up.

Check out the ridiculous footage below:

And as this is 2018, you'd better believe DiMarco was taking a selfie of her own personal beerfest (which she later posted to Twitter):

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