#TechTalk: Protecting Yourself From Malware

Are you susceptible to Russian (and pretty much all) malware?  

You definitely might be.  

The Russian malware VPNFilter is now going after more makes and models than it originally targeted, meaning more and more of you may soon be under attack.

Originally, the FBI asked us all to reboot our routers to keep our computers safe.

Unfortunately, that may not be enough anymore.

Luckily, there's just a few simple steps you need to take to help keep your self safe.

First, you need to upgrade your routers firmware. (You can find exact directions for your make and model, but these generic directions are based on a Asus WRT router.)

  1. Go to the support site and download the latest firmware
  2. Type "192.168.11" in a browser window and press "Enter"
  3. Click "Administration" 
  4. Click "Firmware Upgrade"
  5. Click "Choose File"
  6. Select the firmware you downloaded
  7. Click "Upload"

Now that you got that taken care of, you need to factory-reset your router. (Don't just unplug it.  That's just a standard reset.)

This can be a little more annoying, as it reverts your router back to factory specs, so make sure you take a second and write down all of your Wi-Fi info so you don't lose anything.

Since all of these factory-reset procedures are different, I'm not going to waste my time (like I did by explaining how to download firmware) telling you how to do it for one specific model.

Just go to the routers website and figure out the steps for your's.

Read the full story at CNET

Are you looking into getting a Chromebook?

You may wanna take a second and look into them a bit.  They may not be quite what you're expecting.

Did you know that their prices vary (like, a lot), they heavily rely on the Internet to work, and they are compatible with some Android apps?

And that's just the start of it.

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Check out Marc's Tech It Out podcast on the KFI Squadcast page!

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