Success from Ice Cream Science

Jay Yim comes from a family tradition of making sweets...his grandfather owned several bakeries in South Korea and his father has a chain of bakeries in Southern California.

Growing up, he spent a lot of time in the bakeries working every job available from cleaning to baking to eventually managing some of the locations.

As he got older, he decided to follow in the family footsteps and open his own ice cream shop!

Wanting his product to stand out, he used inspiration from a South Korean street vendor he saw who used liquid nitrogen to flash freeze his ice-cream. 

Experiment after experiment in his garage, Yim perfected his own nitrogen based recipe and opened his first Creamistry store in 2013.

Five years and more than 50 locations later, Yim is looking abroad to expand his business.

Listen below as he and Bill dive deep into his delicious journey!

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