Help Keep Greg Coates in Prison

Jean Stephens, 37, was brutally raped and murdered in her Mira Loma home in 1975. Now, her killer Greg Coates, could be released on parole. Coates is also guilty of murdering his own step-mother and has committed other rapes he was never charged with...

Follow the Stephens' as they fight to keep the guilty and deranged Coates in prison and off the streets on their Facebook page, Keep Murderer Greg Coates in Prison.

And sign the petition HERE!

Please sign this petition to let the CA Board of Parole & Governor Newsom know you do not want brutal double-murderer Greg Coates (CDC# B-68775) released on parole. Former Governor Jerry Brown already overturned this inmate's parole in 2018, but he again is asking for release Nov. 6, 2019!

Photo: Getty Images

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