Primary Results Face Potential Delay

It's Election Day here in California and the contest is crowded and the ballots are absentee. Results in some races could take days or even weeks with ballot counting potentially dragging into Wednesday because of the high number of voters who submit their ballots by mail. 

Absentee ballot voters are not new to the scene, in the 2016 primary, more than 5 million California residents, or nearly 60 percent of the electorate, voted absentee. 

It should be clear early Wednesday morning who takes first place in some of the top-tier races, such as the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate contests. 

There is a handful of critical House races with the big competition being for second place. With a high number of overall candidates, some Democrats are in fear that Republican candidates will win both slots on the general election ballot because there are so many Democratic contenders that voters could spread their support very thin. 

"Election results will change throughout the canvass period as vote-by-mail ballots, provisional ballots, and other ballots are processed," said Sam Mahood, a spokesman for the California Secretary of State's office.

So get those votes in and grab some popcorn, this could be a good one. 

Photo: Getty Images

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