LA City Council Seeking Disclosure From Contractors on Trump's Border Wall

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - In another move in its ongoing attempts to trip up President Donald Trump's agenda, the Los Angeles City Council is expected to approve a new ordinance today under which companies seeking contracts with the city would have to publicly disclose if they are also submitting bids to build any proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States.

The ordinance would impose strict penalties and fines on any company that fails to disclose the information but would not ban the company from doing business with the city.

``This measure is being brought forth so that we have transparency amongst contractors,'' said Councilman Gil Cedillo said last year after he introduced the motion calling for the new ordinance. ``We want to know if there are people who do business with the city of Los Angeles ... who wish to profit from building a wall that would divide us from our nearest and dearest neighbor, Mexico. This is something that we have a right to know.''

One of Trump's top campaign promises was to build a wall stretching over the entire U.S.-Mexico border, and to make Mexico pay for it. Trump has yet to come forward with any plan on how to get Mexico to pay for the wall.

Trump has said the border wall is needed to cut down on drug trafficking and immigrants coming into the country illegally. Opponents like Cedillo have said a wall would promote discrimination against Mexican immigrants and represents a racist and xenophobic agenda.

Photo: Getty Images

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