Eggplants! The Next Best Thing In Suppository Technology!

Are you constipated?

Do you love eggplants?  (Or hate them?... I'm still not sure which question works better...)

Well, you're in luck!  Eggplants are the new, hip, fun, exciting (*insert whatever other adjectives you need here to make this story acceptable...*) suppository! 


Well, if you live in China...

And if you are this one particular guy...

So here's what happened...  A 50-year-old man in China was constipated for a couple days, so he decided he needed to to solve the problem like no other human in history had ever done before, and shove a HUGE eggplant up his butt.

When I say HUGE, I actually mean HUGE.  It was 30 centimeters long.  How long is that in America?  That's almost 12 inches!!!

As most would expect, it didn't help.  At all.

Actually, it made it way worse.  The man experienced worsened pain and became quite nauseous.

So, wisely (finally..), he made his way to the hospital for help.

They performed an X-ray on the man and found that the eggplant had moved so far up into his body that it was damaging his (QUICK! Guess which organ it injured!) lung!


Doctors operated on the man and removed the eggplant.

It is unknown if he is still constipated.

Read the full story at Shanghaiist

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