Police Shoot, Kill 'Snake-Dancing' Man in Torrance

Police shot and killed a 30 year-old man this morning at about 9:00 AM in Torrance.

Officers responded to reports of a man wielding a knife nearby Planet Fitness on Hawthorne Blvd.

Once on the scene, police tried to reason with the suspect, but their efforts unfortunately fell on deaf ears.  

Witnesses were on-site to describe how things escalated:

“He decided he had enough of all this and he gets up and starts amping himself up, and then turns around and goes walking straight at the officers with no intent to stop as far as I’m concerned.”

Brandon Hallock, one of the witnesses saw the fatal officer-involved shooting:

"They opened fire on him and he just went down."

Perhaps most peculiar are the uncorroborated reports from the witnesses that before authorities arrived, the guy had been "ritualistically dancing" with a snake in the parking lot.

The snake was never found, but an empty aquarium was found on the premises.

Sleep tight!!

Read more over at CBS Local Los Angeles.

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