Propositioned - Prop 69 - A 'Lockbox' for Transportation Revenues

Hosted by Kris Ankarlo, Propositioned takes an in-depth look at the upcoming ballot measures you'll see during June 5th's primary election.

Today's episode takes a look at Proposition 69, an effort to lock up revenue from last year's gas tax legislation that passed with a two-thirds vote. 

Proposition 69 requires that all revenue raised to fund transportation projects, must actually be used to fund transportation projects. The measure 'locks up' a 4% tax on diesel and a new annual vehicle fee that can range between $25 and $175, depending on how much the car is worth. 

The rest is already protected by the state constitution. 

Opponents of the measure like Republican state Senator John Moorlach from Costa Mesa, say Proposition 69 is a showcase of what's wrong in Sacramento. 

"You have to do a ballot measure that says "We need a lockbox so we can assure you that we're gonna spend the tax that we just imposed on you with a two-thirds vote of the legislature in Sacramento, and that we will actually use it to repair roads," said Moorlach.  

However, not everyone feels that way. Michael Quigley with the California Alliance for Jobs says the ballot measure is about lessons learned. "Previous legislatures have diverted funds and this is something that both Republicans and Democrats have done.

"Since the industry has really started pushing this 'lockbox' we haven't had any more transportation diversions, the legislature has stopped," said Quigley. 

For an in-depth look at Proposition 69, listen to Kris Ankarlo's report: 

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