CHLA's Koala Corps Program

Ciera Granger is on a mission to make sure every baby who is alone at Children's Hospital Los Angeles knows the love and warmth of being held.

While having to spend a lot of time at CHLA for the treatment of her youngest daughter, Shae, Ciera saw many of the children alone in their beds.

Knowing how important the power of touch is to children's development, Ciera decided to launch the Koala Corps program to tackle that specific issue: 

Koala Corps is an initiative to get every baby held in CHLA that has no one to hold them. At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Volunteers actually are available, but they do not have enough funding to hire a full time program administrator to run the program. That's where we come in.

Children's Hospital is a miraculous institutions that saves lives every day. We don’t always get to see directly what happens with our donations to most charities. With the Koala Corps, we can see the specific impact that our dollars are making in a way that matters most.

If you'd like to learn more, or want to help Ciera's cause check out her page HERE.

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