STUDY: Heavy Marijuana Users Hold On To Negativity

Marijuana. Weed. Pot. Doink.

Whatever you wanna call it, you at least probably have a pretty good idea of what the stuff is, and what people use it for.

With the recent legalization of medical marijuana in California, people with countless debilitating conditions have found a legitimate way to get a hold of their newly available medicine of choice.

But a new study has demonstrated that people who smoke weed at least four times a week are more likely to hang on to negative memories versus positive ones.

Do some quick math, and you can see how this could potentially affect someone diagnosed with depression.

For better or worse, depression is one of the conditions for which marijuana is prescribed by licensed doctors.

While marijuana can help alleviate the day-to-day symptoms of depression, it can not cure depression.  

And as we're seeing, it can have quite an opposite effect.

Read more about the study at

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