Bullet Train Construction Costs Rise, Supporters Fall

The high speed bullet train is a dream for many Californians but that dream comes with a hefty price. 

Many still support the concept but just 31% of voters across the state want to keep building it, according to a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll. Around 49% of voters said they would halt construction and 19% said they did not know what to do about the problems.

The cost of building the train has doubled to $77 billion from the initial $30 billion estimate and the schedule has stretched to 2033.

Bay area residents are the rail system's strongest supporters as they would benefit first from the build and the strongest opposition is located in The Central Valley. 

Martin Wachs, a UCLA transportation expert and member of a peer review panel that oversees the project questioned the supporter ratio.

"Is the higher support in the north the result of more spending there or a more liberal and environmentally minded electorate? It is likely both."

The costs included with building the train could continue to rise as the project continues. 

Photo: Getty Images

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