Mural Project In Argentina Aims To Find Missing Children

The National Registry of Missing Minors reports that 2,571 children were reported missing last year in Buenos Aires, with 1,154 of them still yet to be found and brought back home.

The Missing Children Argentina Campaign and a few urban artists have recently joined forces to lead an initiative in hopes to find missing minors through painted murals.

"The person who sees this wall will say: Why is this face here?" Missing Children Argentina President Lidia Grichener said.

The campaign hopes that the painted portraits on walls within the city will not only catch the attention of pedestrians and motorists, but will also draw attention to the missing persons via social media.

"I think this (mural project) that spreads her image is going to help speak to the public conscience, and reinforce the fact that there's a family waiting for her," Sonia Garnica, sister of missing Daiana Garnica told The Associated Press. "If they think like a father, a mother, a family member, it will move them to speak out."

The local artists all paint the missing children with the same "deep gaze" in their eyes, in order to attract more attention to the cause.

Each mural also shows the name and age of the missing child, along with a phone number to call in case anyone has information on his or her location.

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