Library Book Finally Gets Returned... 47 Years Late.

Library book finally returned

If you have a library book that's overdue, this is your reminder to finally go return it.

The San Francisco Public Library is celebrating their latest book return, one that was originally due 47 years, four months and 29 days ago.

The memoir "Soul On Ice" by Eldridge Cleaver, must've been one of those amazing, "can't put it down" books. You know, the ones that you literally can't seem to put down (or return) for almost 50 years. 

Don't you hate it when that happens?!

The library branch manager Anne Vannucchi told The San Francisco Chronicle that the book was returned with a detached cover, as well as a hole in the title page. 

She also said she's curious to know who finally returned the book. Not to scold him or her, but rather just because she's curious to know the story behind the very late return.

Luckily for the library patron, the library caps late book fees at $10.01. Otherwise, the late fee would have been a hefty $1,731.70.

Photo: Getty Images

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