Why Does Everyone Have To Crap On Everything?

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I know, I know, you didn't 'care' about the royal wedding. You probably bitched and complained that it took up broadcast time, that so many were 'obsessed' with it.  But why can't you see it simply for what it was...something GOOD.

On Friday, we spent an entire broadcast day steeped in the horrific images coming out of Texas, another tragedy that happens too often.  On those days I really think, I can't do this anymore...I can't handle another tragedy, another piece of news that says 'everything in the world sucks.'

I needed something UPLIFTING, something SWEET to remind me that there is still good in the world, and what better way to do that than a wedding.

No, I didn't get up at 3am to watch it, but I did record it and I did fast forward past the pomp and circumstance b.s. to get to the stuff I wanted to see, two people, pledging their lives to each other, in front of the world. 

Look, I don't know Prince William or Meghan Markle. But I didn't know Princess Diana either, and I was enamored with her, and her charity work, and when she died I felt like a really good piece of the world was gone.  But what remained were her sons, two beautiful boys who have lived their lives with their mother's memory close.  They have followed her example in charity work, they've served their country, they're kind to people, all people.  They have been the catalyst to update the perception of the royal family and I fully believe that when William becomes King, the entire monarchy will change.  Why? Because it has to. 

Meghan is American, she is mixed race (her mother is black, her father is white) she's an actress, she's divorced, she has worn pants to royal events, the couple displays sincere affection in public, she attended intimate family gatherings before they were engaged.  All of these things made Meghan the recipient of so much criticism that Prince Harry had to issue a statement calling out those critics for being sexist and racist. 

Then there were those who clutched their pearls because Meghan would walk herself down the aisle before being joined by Prince Charles, and the fact that Harry declared he would wear a wedding ring (apparently, the royal men don't usually wear them.) 

They clearly made a statement with this wedding, on purpose.

Meghan's dress was simple, elegant (some said boring and plain) and she decided to go with a fresh, minimal makeup face, which says so much about her and the example she wishes to provide to women. (FYI-- She didn't NEED a lot of makeup, have you seen her mother? She's a beautiful woman and Meghan is as well!) 

A black American Episcopal bishop, Rev. Michael Curry would give the wedding address, and what an address is was, not just about the love between two people, but about the love for each other, regardless of race or religion, but simply loving each other as human beings. If you missed it, by all means, read the entire thing.  

Their wedding cake.  Who picks fruitcake for wedding cake?  Apparently, royals.  Harry and Meghan's choice of a buttercream lemon elderflower cake caused criticism of stuffy royal watchers. 'How dare they snub tradition!'  Listen, if I'm going to a wedding, I DON'T WANT FRUITCAKE, I want yummy buttercream goodness. 

And, quite possibly, my favorite moment, Karen Gibson and The Kingdom Choir singing 'Stand By Me,' a beautiful song by Ben E. King, that has so much meaning and symbolism.  Yes, the song is about love, but it's also has a political message that became a rallying cry during the civil rights era to join people together in solidarity.

I loved it, every minute of the actual wedding itself.  I wish Meghan and Harry a long and happy marriage.

So suck it, critics!  

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