Monkey Escapes Crate at Texas Airport

Navigating flights and airports seems to drive us all a bit crazy at times, but this week it drove one monkey to literally... go bananas.

A research monkey from Brown University was traveling to a wildlife sanctuary on Monday when he escaped his crate at San Antonio International Airport. The 10-year-old rhesus macaque monkey (named Dawkins) was heading to his new home at the sanctuary to retire, but seemed to have a last minute change-of-plans while being transported from the American Airlines plane.

According to police, the monkey escaped and ran wild in the baggage claim area until officials were finally able to corner the animal inside a room at the airport.

The San Antonio Aviation Department, officials from the San Antonio Zoo, as well as a few American Airlines employees all responded to the scene where the monkey escaped, and attempted to help officers capture the animal.

"I'm just glad we caught it and it's safe," an airport employee told CBS News, "but it was pretty hectic for us at the airport today".

After capturing the monkey and sending him back on his way, officers said the airport operations returned to normal.

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