Former Students Sue USC Over Gynecologist

Five former students from USC are suing the university over allegations that a longtime gynecologist at the Student Health Center touch them inappropriately, telling them that the touching was part of a medical examine. 

Court documents refer to Dr. George Tyndall as a sexual predator who allegedly forced dozens of former students to strip naked in front of him before he groped them. 

One student alleges that Dr. Tyndall shoved his entire ungloved hand inside her vagina during an appointment in 2003 while making "vulgar" remarks about her genitals. Another alleges that the USC doctor groped her breasts at a 2008 visit and once told her that the doctor told her she "likely had AIDS." A third woman alleges that the doctor grazed his ungloved hands over her nude body while leering at her during a skin exam, the lawsuit states. 

Tyndall was recently the subject of a massive L.A. Times profile that talked about the many misconduct complaints that Tyndall had faced over the years. 

The 71-year-old Tyndall worked for USC for nearly three decades. The physician has not been charged with any crimes and the Los Angeles Police Department said Friday that they have not received any complaints about him. 

Photo: Getty Images

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