Better DNA Testing Could Exonerate Inmate Facing Execution

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris is calling for more DNA testing that could clear an inmate on death row of murder. Kevin Cooper, 60, is currently awaiting execution for the grisly 1983 Chino Hills murders where four people were attacked with hatchets and knives. Cooper escaped from a nearby East Los Angeles prison just two days before the slayings. 

Reports claiming Cooper was framed sparked a debate on more sensitive DNA testing. The first two DNA tests on Cooper concluded that he was the killer but the tests included a chemical called EDTA which could have been planted there in law enforcement possession. Cooper asked for another DNA test on other items with blood that would have proved his innocence but was denied. 

The only survivor of the murders said three white intruders committed the crimes.

Cooper's request for another look into his conviction is under review by Gov. Jerry Brown's office. 

Photo: Getty Images

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