Cameras Catch Burglar Popping, Locking After Break-In

A famous chaotician once quipped:  "When you gotta go, you gotta go."

Well, it seems that this was indeed a universal theorem, and can equally and absolutely be applied to dance.

Don't believe it?  Well neither could the eyes of Fresno Police when they received footage of a thief breaking and entering into a commercial building.

That wasn't the surprising part.  That came next.

When the burglar's mission was successfully completed, he literally dropped what he was doing, and proceeded to break out into...well, breakin.'

(That's "break-dancing," to all you squares.)

The footage stirs up fond memories of the 1970s and 80s hey-day of popping and locking, and hey, we gotta be honest...this guy actually has some solid moves!  

See what we mean??

Check out the longer version of the security camera footage below:

Though police caught up with this break-dancing bandit (now identified as one David Seale), a judge in Fresno has suspended the case against him due to concerns over his mental competence.

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