New Campaign Calls For People to be 'Battery Smart' Ahead of Fire Season

new campaign calls for people to be battery smart

A new campaign is bringing attention to a fire hazard that many Californians may not realize.  Hilary Gans, from Call-2-Recycle, says to avoid a spark, it's crucial to be battery smart.

Lithium batteries used to be limited to electronic devices like laptops or cell phones, but have recently become more popular for a variety of uses.  But when those batteries are not properly stored or recycled, they can cause major damage. 

Gans says that 65-percent of waste facility fires are caused by lithium-ion batteries.  Lithium batteries must be stored in cool places to avoid overheating and they must never be thrown away in the garbage at the end of its life. 

 The campaign is calling on residents to utilize the free battery recycling centers in their local areas instead of putting hazardous materials in the trash.

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