Has the vagrant invasion affected your neighborhood? - Send us photos!

The homeless problem has really grown out of control in the last few years. We hear everyday from listeners all across Los Angeles and Orange Counties about the decline of their neighborhoods, and how homeless encampments have popped up in parks, riverbeds, and sidewalks.

Many cities are ignoring the problem, and that's not right! You shouldn't have to dodge needles and piles of feces while you walk down the street. So if this stuff is going on in your neighborhood, take a picture and send it to us.

Be sure to tell us what town you're in! 

Eva O'Keefe, a San Clemente resident and founder of the group San Clemente Cares, has been sending us photos too. Ever since the homeless were told to leave the Santa Ana Riverbed, San Clemente has seen a surge in homeless people and encampments. Eva joined us this afternoon to talk more about what's going on in San Clemente:

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