Giuliani: Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Is a Pimp

Does this look like the face of a pimp to you?

Hang on a sec before you answer that, bub.

Things are really escalating in the Daniels vs. Trump media battle.  

The latest spat began on May 8 when the chiseled-featured Avenatti publicly called for a discussion between himself and Rudy Giuliani:

Giuliani took a moment to apparently "stoop" to Mr. Avenatti's proposition, telling the Business Insider:

"I don't get involved with pimps.  The media loves to give him room because he makes these roundabout charges and they turn out to mean nothing.  

I think he's going to get himself in serious trouble."

The nail in the coffin may have been his closing sentiment:

"I debate, like, really intelligent, skilled people..."

Touché, Mr. Giuliani.  Touché.

Avenatti did not take kindly to the "slanderous" allegations of former mayor Giuliani.  He felt it was his duty to respond to the allegations by re-posting a somewhat infamous video of Rudy from several years back.

The clip shows the Giuls dressed in women's clothing, hair and makeup acting in a parody skit with none other than President Donald Trump:

Think we've seen the end of this unfortunately public fiasco?

Read more over at Business Insider.

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