Dean Sharp Helps Us Get Our Windows Ready For Summer

Are your windows ready for summer?

Well, you need to get them ready if you don't want to spend a ton of money on your AC bill.

Yes, we know that the AC is just necessary when it is 115 in the middle of July, but when it's just 88, there really is no reason to turn your AC on if you have your windows maintained properly.  Plus, once it starts cooling down at night, no matter how hot is was during the day, open up those windows and let everything start over!

As a matter of fact, opening your windows is actually really good for you.

  • Save on your AC bill
  • Improve air quality
  • Improve your emotional state
  • Improved sleep quality

There's plenty of screen options out there.  Like, way more than you thought...

  • Vinyl coated fiberglass - standard
  • Pet screen
  • Solar screen - 90% UV reduction
  • Super screen - all of the above
  • Pollen and dust filtering screens
  • No See-Um gnat screens - coastal, marshy areas
  • Ultra-Vue - almost invisible
  • Stainless steel - durable but not recommended for coastal
  • Copper - durable for the coast
  • Security mesh - better than iron bars

But, no matter which screen you choose to go with, you have to keep them clean, so dirt, dust, and debris don't make their way in.

You gotta get your screens lookin' new again!

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