$1.9 M Settlement Reached in the LAPD Shooting of Homeless Man

A $1.9 million dollar settlement has been reached in the 2015 shooting death of a mentally-ill black man on Skid Row. Attorney Dan Stormer says the family of Charly “Africa” Keunang is happy this is over. The deal was made shortly after the jury found 2 of the 3 officers liable for damages. 

"The family is very happy that this is over. They can never get Charlie back," Stormer said. 

In 2016 The LA County district attorney and LAPD police commission ruled the shooting was justified claiming Keunang (kew-nang) reached for one of the cop’s guns. Officers were originally responding to reports that Keunang had threatened another man when the shooting occurred. There were several protests after police body cam and bystander video of the incident was released.

"They (the Keunang family) are extremely happy that the jury was willing to act responsibly even if the bureaucrats weren’t."



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