Hawaii Could Face Acid Rain

Hawaiian’s now face new threats from the erupting volcano. Residents have been warned to stay indoors due to sulfuric acid in the air. These fumes are called “vog” (volcanic fog) and can cause headaches, lung irritation, asthma attacks and acid rain. The fog can even drift across to the other islands. 

So far lava has destroyed at least 36 homes, since is week long eruption. Since 1983 Kilauea has been near eruption and is known as the world’s most active volcano.

Tonight Volcano-logy expert Dr. Mike Garcia joins Tim to discuss the long term effects of the volcano. Dr. Garcia works in the department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Hawaii.

NASA tweeted a satellite image of the volcanic activity in Hawaii. Saying "scientists use a unique set of nine different Earth views to calculate the height of the plume"

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