Listener Emails John & Ken to Warn About San Clemente's Homeless Problem

We've been hearing from listeners all over Southern California about how bad the homeless situation is getting in their neighborhood. Following the tragic stabbing of Anthony Mele Jr. at Aloha Steakhouse in Ventura County, people are up in arms and demanding that politicians DO something about this crisis that seems only be growing in scope and problems. 

For now, lets' take a look at a letter from a listener, Ghada who sent John and Ken some photos and a description of the problems she's seeing with homeless vagrants in San Clemente. 

Dear John and Ken,

I was listening to your show a couple of days and heard you talking about the horrible attack on the woman in Rolling Hills. This problem with drugged out, mentally ill homeless vagrants is out of control, not only in LA county but also in OC. I live in San Clemente and since the dismantling of ‘tent city’ near Angel Stadium, south OC cities have seen a significant spike in crime. 

Without prior warning or notification of city officials, San Clemente received 70-100 of the riverbed population - unscreened criminals, drug addicts, sex offenders - courtesy of Todd Spitzer, Lisa Bartlett and the other OC Supervisors. Here are some pictures of the DAILY scene in North Beach in San Clemente, which is a busy area that includes our Metrolink station, historic Ole Hansen community pool, the historic ‘Casino’ events center as well as a very busy beach trail. 

These vagrants feel emboldened and entitled! They yell at passers by and flip them off. They urinate, masterbate, drink and shoot drugs in public. They are near our schools and harass our kids when they walk. This county and state are out of control! We recently had several fires started near residential areas by homeless people cooking out at their encampements. Please come down here and see what’s going on. San Clemente is another Ventura County, Rollings Hills or Santa Barbara county disaster waiting to happen!


San Clemente resident for almost 20 years

North Beach “residents” hanging out by the Ole Hansen community pool - free ocean view living and not a care in the world.

One of our many mentally unstable “visitors” taking over the bench at the bus stop. This guy is often seen around town, shirtless and talking to himself.

This is the scene at the entrance to the beach trail - trash and junk everywhere! Our police force is understaffed and overworked. As soon as they remove one homeless encampment another one pops up a few days later.

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