Joel Grover and the I-Team Investigate Hotel Cleanliness

Summer is coming which usually means your family is getting ready to hit the road so you can finally relax and take a well-deserved vacation. Hey, that's why you decided to check into a hotel instead of roughing it out in the Great Outdoors. 

Except, the Great Outdoors, may have been the more sanitary option after the latest I-Team Investigation from NBC4. Joel Grover and his I-Team literally shined a light (a blacklight anyway) on the disgusting practices of some big name local hotels. 

Joel and the I-Team checked into several hotels in the Palm Springs, Disneyland and San Diego area. Joel and the team then sprayed the sheets, pillow cases and more with an invisible spray that could only be seen with the use of a blacklight. What he discovered could have you rethinking your summer vacation plans. 

The intrepid reporter called into Gary and Shannon today to talk more about what he and his team discovered, listen to the interview below: 

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