Idiots Shut Down a Freeway For Social Media Likes

We have a new class of idiots, ladies, and gentlemen. Saturday night some dummies thought it'd be a great idea to hold up drivers who actually have things to get to. 

CBS Local reports, cellphone video captured the illegal car show on the 210 freeway Saturday night. Lars Svanoe was one of those who was held up a]by a truck doing donuts...yes - on the freeway! 

“I couldn’t see all that was happening other than plumes of smoke. And then it started happening on the opposite side of the freeway of both east and west bound,” he said.

CHP and LAPD were flooded with calls about car shows taking place on the freeway and surface streets as well.  

Authorities say that shutting down the freeway is a popular way for idiots to perform and get social media likes. 

Of course.. Of course it's for social media. Dummies.  

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