Homeless are Taking Over L.A. River Bike Path

When the bike path opened in 2012 it was a nice place for families to go for a nice stroll or a little exercise. According to the LA Times, all that shut down about 3 years ago when the homeless got ahold of the location. David Spangler who performs his daily exercise near the bike path has felt that the homeless have completely ruined the presentation of the path. In a conversation with a citizens watch group who calls themselves Reseda's "River Walkers," Sprangler said that he has seen many drug addicts that loiter around shooting up drugs. 

"It was beautiful three years ago," said 49-year-old David Spangler. "Now there's junkies everywhere."

The River Walkers were forced to come together after a lack of response from city agencies they urged to clean and supervise the area. 

"Our group is steady and assertive," said 20-year resident, Evelyn Aleman. "We've made [city officials] understand we're not going away."

Resident Dorian Gunning added that the problem must be quickly resolved "because if they don't, we'll be Santa Ana, basically."

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