Does Dish Network Owe You Money?

Photo Courtesy: Wikicommons

Everyone is annoyed by telemarketers....especially if you're still getting calls and you are one of the 230 million numbers on the 'Do Not Call Registry', which was designed to help reduce the amount of telemarketing calls you receive.

Well, if you got a telemarketing call from the Dish Network in 2010 or 2011, you may be one of thousands of people eligible to collect $1,200 per call received!

Seems unbelievable, right?  Well, here's the deal.  Recently, there was a big class action lawsuit and Dish Network lost and was ordered to pay $61 million for 51,000 calls made in violation of the Do Not Call list.

A jury awarded Dish Network to pay $400 for each call made, but a judge TRIPLED the damages for each violation to $1,200 each, saying that the company 'willfully and knowingly violated' the law.

Dish Network is appealing the case, basically saying it wasn't their fault, that an outside company they hired to make the calls was to blame.

In the meantime, lawyers for the class-action suit say they're having a tough time getting people to buy that they might be owed some money.  

So they set up a website for you to check if your number is one of those that was called.  If it was, you give them your info and once the appeals process is complete, you'll get your money.  One Chicago woman was called FIFTEEN times by Dish during that time period and is eligible for $18,000!

CLICK HERE to see if your number is eligible .

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