Couple Gets 'Creepy' Note From Neighbors Who Saw Them Naked

A young couple from Lemington, Newcastle were shocked when they received an anonymous note from their neighbors threatening to report them for indecent exposure. Karin and Jay Stone posted the note to a Facebook group, and it quickly went viral amassing 1,500 comments in less than 24 hours. 

The note asked them to "close your blinds when getting dressed or undressing," and said they "are sick of seeing big bum big boobs and little willy." They ended the note warning the couple they "will report you both for indecent exposure." The note was signed "Your neighbours."

Karin told The Chronicle Live that the note "does feel really creepy - I feel like somebody has been peeping." She suggested that instead of lowering the blinds she is "considering putting a note over both my windows saying ‘stop looking!'"

She added that if there is an issue the neighbors could have "just knocked on my door and said there was an issue with privacy."

"Really it’s just a bit excessive - if they’d just knocked on my door and said there was an issue with privacy, that would have been fine."

Photo: Facebook

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