Both GOP Candidates For California Governor Miss Out at State Convention

The two top Republican candidates for Governor in November have missed out on securing their party's endorsement it was reported Monday. Both John Cox and Travis Allen both failed to gain the nod at the state GOP convention that was held in San Diego over the weekend. 

Businessman John Cox received about 55.3% of the vote, short of the necessary 60% required for the party's endorsement. Assemblyman Travis Allen received 40.5% of the vote while 4.1% voted for 'No Endorsement' by the Republican party at this weekend's convention. 

The California Republican party has not issued an endorsement for a candidate yet. Cox's spokesman, Matt Shupe said that while he was disappointed, the lack of an endorsement from the state GOP will not stall his candidate's campaign one bit. 

"We have the resources to move forward and take the fight to the Democrats. Travis Allen has no pathway without this endorsement," said Shupe. 

Allen told the L.A. Times that they were thrilled with the voting results saying Cox's Chicago money couldn't buy California votes.  

"The bottom line is John Cox with his Chicago money tried to buy California votes," Allen said. "We are going to go and take our message across the state of California, and we're going to take our state back and I'm going to win."

The Orange County Register reports that the Republican brand in California has fallen so out of favor in the state, the party could become the third most popular political brand in the Golden State by the end of the year. 

Voter registration rolls in California show that nearly 45 percent of California voters have registered as Democrats, while the GOP is struggling to stay ahead of "No Party Preference." 

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