Big Bear Baby Eaglet Returns to Nest

"Welcome back, Stormy!" 

A baby bald eagle that fell out of its nest in the San Bernardino National Forest has returned nearly two weeks later. Video released by the U.S. Forest Service showed 'Stormy' flying back into the nest, and nuzzling one of its parents after screeching hello. 

Stormy fell out of his nest on April 26th, falling more than 20 feet, landing on a branch where his parents continued to feed him. When the baby eaglet made it back to his nest, his followers online posted about how relieved they felt about his return, posting messages of encouragement on Facebook. 

The baby bald eagle (that has a stronger social media following than you or me), was born earlier this year in an event streamed online to thousands of people around the world. The solar-powered camera was installed by the group Friends of Big Bear Valley. 

You can watch the bald eagle cam live from Big Bear here. 

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