Small Weather System to Douse Southland

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A low-pressure system will generate more showers in Los Angeles and Orange County today, but -- just like on Tuesday -- it will all add up to very little rain, forecasters said.

In L.A. County, the rainfall will be ``horrendously spotty,'' as it was Tuesday, said meteorologist Andrew Rorke from his National Weather Service monitoring station in Oxnard. The two wettest spots in L.A. County Tuesday were both in the San Gabriel Mountains, added meteorologist Dave Bruno; Whitaker Peak got .26 of an inch of rain and Crystal Lake, .24.

Rorke said forecasters had expected the lion's share of Tuesday's Southland rains to fall in L.A. County, but that distinction went to Ventura County. Simi Valley, for instance, received .60 of an inch, and Bard Lake, a Simi Valley body of water also known as Wood Ranch Reservoir, got .68, he said.

Orange County also received little rain from Tuesday's showers and roughly the same is in the cards today, said meteorologist Philip Gonsalves, who monitors Orange County weather from the NWS office in San Diego. He said the rainiest spot in Orange County has been in the Santa Ana Mountains, where more than a 10th of an inch was recorded Tuesday.

Late-season weather systems aren't unheard of, but one factor that has surprised forecasters is that snow has been falling in the San Bernardino Mountains this late in the year, he said.

A winter Weather advisory, which serves to alert motorists of difficult travel conditions characterized by snow on the roads and limited visibility, will be in effect above 5,500 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, but only until 11 a.m. today.

Temperatures, meanwhile, will continue to be below normal. The NWS forecast a mix of showers and mostly cloudy skies in Los Angeles County today and highs of 59 degrees on Mount Wilson; 61 in Avalon; 63 at LAX; 65 in Saugus;

 66 in Pasadena and San Gabriel; 67 in Downtown L.A., Long Beach and Lancaster; 68 in Palmdale; and 69 in Woodlamd Hills.

Partly cloudy skies were forecast in Orange County -- the forecast had been for showers earlier this morning -- along with highs of 61 in Newport Beach and San Clemente; 63 in Mission Viejo; 64 in Laguna Beach; and 65 in Fullerton, Anaheim and Irvine.

Temperatures will be up to 11 degrees higher Thursday with partly cloudy skies forecast in L.A. County and sunshine in Orange County.

Photo: Getty Images

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