Car Chase Roundup!

Ok, so do you remember this one?

It went down during the show yesterday.

It was believed that the guy had stolen the car.  Police chased him for over an hour, going through a bunch of cities, driving the wrong way on roads, and whipping U-turns on freeways.  It ended with a perfect pit maneuver.

Gary fought that (now former) listener about the use of the police K9 once they caught the guy.


Read the full story at ABC 13

Ok, well it turns out that Southern California was just wetting its high-speed pursuit beak with that one, because the roads went wild after that.

Just a couple hours later, law enforcement chased Stephen Houk, who was driving an RV, for over four hours through Los Angeles County and Kern County.

The chase ended outside of Bakersfield on a rural dirt road in Shafter.  

Police were able to rescue his two kidnapped children, a 3-year-old and an 11-month-old, but Houk was gone and remains on the lose.

Houk is considered armed and dangerous.  If you see him, please inform local law enforcement immediately.

Read the full story at ABC 7 Los Angeles

Stephen Houk - Courtesy of CHP and Marion County Sheriff's Office in Oregon

Wait!  There's still more!

In a beautiful twist of fate, this police K9 did get to taste the sweet blood of victory.

Who's a good boy?!?!

This Riverside County pursuit started out with a standard domestic call, but when the suspect decided to start running, the fun started too.

The chase started in Corona, made its way to Temecula, and then back to Corona, where police ended up releasing their K9 on him after he refused to comply at gunpoint.

Read the full story at NBC 4 Los Angeles

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