Kid Takes Home In Slowest Run Ever

Have you ever been told to do something and just thought, 'Nah, I'm going to do it my way!'

Well, that's exactly what happened when 3-year old Lennox Salcedo was in the middle of his baseball game in Walnut, California. According to his mother, Sabrina Salcedo's facebook account, the adorable kid was told by his coach to “run home as fast as you can.”

Sabrina Salcedo posted on Facebook:

"3rd Base Coach: Len, run home as fast as you can.... Len: Ok (gives Coach a *thumbs up*)"

The kid basically interpreted this in his own way to run as SLOW as you can. LOL!

Lennox ran to third base all the way in slow motion. ABC News reports that Lennox's father, who was coaching on the field, encouraged him to run faster, but he brushed him off and continued on his merry and slow little way!

The video was posted to twitter by Lennox's cousin, Tabby Rodriguez, and has been retweeted more than 138,000 times!

Thanks for the laugh Lennox!

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