Dennis Miller Strikes Back!

Whether it's from HBO's Dennis Miller Live, Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, or Fox News, odds are you're at least a little familiar with Dennis Miller.

But it's been 3 years since the topical humorist was regularly hitting the airwaves on the Dennis Miller Show.  

So what's he been up to since?

Fans have been keeping tabs on the actor's goings on via his Twitter page, where he maintains a regular presence.  

Miller also uses the medium (rather unabashedly) to test out new comedic content.  One of his recent Tweets racked up more than 58,000 Likes, a feat which dictates (per Miller) that you've got a show opener on your hands:

And beyond the occasional rant on Fox News as a guest on the O'Reilly Factor, Miller's been slowly plotting his return. Well, the time is now.

His new podcast, "The Dennis Miller Option" has launched on PodcastOne:

Dennis joined the Conway show last week to talk about his life in entertainment and his latest podcasts.  

Listen below!

Read more over at the Washington Times.

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