Hidden Hotel Horrors! How Looks Can Be Deceiving.

When we check into our hotel rooms, there are certain services we kind of expect.

Running water.  Clean towels.  Changed sheets.

Well Joel Grover and the team over at NBC Undercover recently performed a cleanliness test at some of the country's most popular hotel chains.

What they found was disgusting: no change of sheets, pillow cases with residue of the previous guests, and a whole slew of other things.

How did they do it?

The undercover team didn't use any hidden cameras or DNA testing, but an invisible washable spray which was sprayed over everything:  sheets, cups, you name it.

The undercover team then rented out the same hotel room but with three different individuals on three consecutive days.  

While the hotels instructed them that they had to wait for their rooms to be cleaned before they could check in, fluorescent lights revealed that nothing had been replaced from the previous guests.  

Joel called in to the Conway Show to talk about his super secret undercover expose.  Listen in the iHeartRADIO player below!

Watch the report at NBC Undercover!

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