Golden State Killer Once Asked Brother-in-Law About Case

Golden state killer asked brother in law about case in 1970s

The man who was identified as the Golden State Killer reportedly once asked his brother-in-law about the California crime spree and what he might do if he confronted the man responsible, the man told on Wednesday. 

James Huddle told the website that he didn't even know his brother-in-law Joseph James DeAngelo had been identified and arrested as the notorious killer until the reporter spoke with him. 

"Oh my goodness," he said. "Wow. I'll have to process this."

The 72-year-old DeAngelo has been accused of being the notorious "Golden State Killer" who terrorized residents in California with a crime spree that ran up and down the state and included 12 killings and nearly 50 rapes. He was also known as the East Area Rapist, and may be connected to the Visalia Ransacker case as well. 

Huddle painted a fairly normal picture of his brother-in-law who turned out to be a suspected serial killer. Huddle described his brother-in-law as a "good father" who raised three daughters with his wife (who he eventually separated from). Huddle said DeAngelo had hobbies like anyone else, including being into guns and ammunition, as well as fishing and model airplanes. 

At the time when DeAngelo asked his brother about the case and what he might do if he confronted the criminal, Huddle said he told DeAngelo that he'd attack the rapist if he caught him. 

DeAngelo never mentioned the case again Huddle said.

Photo: Sacramento Police Department

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